Beautiful Baseboards for Your Home

Cabinets. Wallpaper. Tile. Flooring. Countertops. Doorknobs. Molding. All these parts add to the design of your home. Whether its their color, texture, or material, these items can reflect your style and taste. When you’re designing and building a custom home or renovating a room, you must think about the design from ceiling to floor. One element or part that you may overlook is the baseboards. Believe it or not, baseboards don’t have to be boring. They can add a lot of character and charm to your room.

At Luxury Home Solutions (LHS), our team of designers will work with you to design baseboards that reflect the space of the room, as well as the vibe/theme of the room. Below, we’ve put together some different baseboard ideas you may want to consider adding into your new home or room. Whether subtle or loud, a baseboard can add a lot to a room!

Flat baseboards – Flat baseboards look modern and are simple. If you want timeless and elegant, this is a good choice. This type of baseboards are good for taller baseboards that are at least 6 inches. Flat baseboards work great with patterned wallpaper

Rectangular baseboards – This baseboard is basically a flat baseboard with no rounded edges, and it is not completely flat. They are modern looking and great for contemporary rooms and homes. They also look great with textures.

Built-up baseboards –  Built-up baseboards are taller baseboards (12 inches and higher) that have a base strip and a top strip and have a section of wall in between that is painted to look like part of the baseboard.

Metal baseboards– A stainless steel (or other metal) baseboard can brighten up a room and add a lot or character.

Painted-out baseboards– Paint your wall and baseboard the same color, which can either bring attention to a bold wall color or attention to your furnishings.

The color or style of a baseboard can completely transform the look of a room. At LHS, our designers can help you decide on the type of baseboards you should install in each room to reflect your style for the room.

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