New Drone Video of Naples Custom Luxury Estate

Check out our latest video taken with the LHS drone showing the progress of the custom luxury estate being built on Naples Beach (Gulfshore Blvd N).  You can also see the building progress to date through the picture gallery of this project by clicking here.

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Green Design Strategies for the Home

Technology in the building industry has been evolving rapidly in recent years. Though many new innovations apply to corporate and industrial construction, homeowners can also benefit from this knowledge. A new focus on “green” and sustainable design is occurring not only for environmental benefits, but as a way to save money for individuals and homeowners. This not only applies to new home construction, but to renovation and remodeling projects. Many older homes that look great are actually very inefficient in their energy use.

The use of recycled materials is extensive in many sustainably designed homes and renovation projects. A lot of newly manufactured products on the market have a high percentage of recycled material content. Usually, you would never know by looking. Many glass products, including tiles for counters, floors and walls, feature recycled glass in a variety of creative ways. Steel products are also made with a high recycled content. Composite products made of wood chips and cement are now used for siding as a replacement for wood. Composite siding is more durable than wood in Florida’s climate, yet it will have the same appearance once it has been painted.

eco friendly homeGreen design projects often consider ways to reduce home water consumption. This saves money and helps to conserve a natural resource that is becoming more precious in Florida and many other regions of the country. Low-flow fixtures and appliances are the primary way to save on water use. Typically, their performance is no different than models with high levels of water consumption.

New technology systems are an exciting way to make your home renovation or new construction project more sustainable. Just as phones, televisions and DVD players are “smarter” than they were a few years ago, electronic components from thermostats to house-wide monitoring systems can be programmed to reduce energy use while maintaining appropriate levels of comfort.

Outdoor spaces are an excellent place to implement green design techniques. Landscapes and outdoor rooms can make use of recycled materials and water-saving technology. Use of native plants also reduces water consumption. A well designed, energy efficient landscape can reduce your air conditioning and energy consumption inside the house. Anything, from the correct location for a shade tree to a pleasant and stylish space to spend time outdoors, can make a difference.

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program, administered by the United States Green Building Council, is the primary mechanism by which green design techniques are developed and evaluated for construction projects. Most architects, interior designers, engineers and landscape architects are familiar with the LEED system and the certification process. If you are interested in green design for your home, it is best to look for a designer or project manager that is LEED accredited. Even if you do not intend to follow the actual certification process, following LEED strategies can save you money and make your home a more enjoyable place to live.

According to LHS LEED certified construction manager, Trent Swartz, LEED:

One of the most important aspects that we focus on in green building is building for energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The smart home we are building now in Fort Myers will have complete Lutron System with energy saving temperature control, all with the abiity to operate from the owner’s iPhone. In fact, 90% of the over 6,000 square foot home can run off of a 42 Watt generator in case of hurricane or natural disaster.