Luxury Home Renovations Bonita Springs, FL

Wine Cellars

Wine cellars offer a unique opportunity to display and make a focal point out of one of your most important investments. Luxury Home Solutions' has preferred partners with experience in state-of-the-art refrigeration and can provide the perfect inspiration whether you love the old Italian masterpieces or the clean lines of contemporary glass walls. Let us create a space to keep one of your most valuable assets protected and beautifully displayed.

A Special Room Just For You!

Need a place where you can just forget about all the problems and focus only on fun and relaxation? Look no further than your own home! We create beautifully designed specialty rooms, building your Zen room right in your own house! Understanding your hobbies and special preferences is the secret to our successful delivery of unique specialty rooms that become the favorite place to be.

Tuscan Inspired Wine Cellar


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Theaters, Man Caves, and Game Rooms

For those who aren't afraid to indulge in creating a space that's just for them, Luxury Home Solutions knows the kind of technology, toys, and treatments to create entertainment space to rival any cinema or Dave & Buster's!