Add Character to Your Home with Tile Work

Not everyone has an eye for design. Picking out decorations, paintings, photographs, and accessories doesn’t come easy for some people. If this sounds like you, you may benefit from having more fun and artistic elements built into your home instead of you adding pieces to it. Through built-in design, you work with a team of designers who are skilled at making a room and home look aesthetically pleasing while reflecting your tastes and still being functional.

For this article, we wanted to focus on tile design. Regardless of the room, you can add different designs and colors to the tiles on the floors, walls, counters, and more to truly bring character to the room. Below, we have shared some creative tile-design ideas for you to incorporate into your new home or home renovation.

  • If you’re into a classic, timeless look for your home, stick with black and white styles. The contrast alone is enough to make a dramatic statement. There are many ways black and white tiles can be used together, such as sizes and patterns.
  • For interest on the flooring, install a flowery tile or a tile with geometric shapes. Aim to keep the rest of the room simple, since the floor is “busy” and “loud” with this design.
  • Think a tub is boring? Get the front of the tub tiled. This will brighten up the bathroom and transform a boring tub into the most interesting piece in the room.
  • Instead of wallpaper or paint, make one whole wall in a room out of tile. As you can choose various colors or patterns, you won’t have to buy any pictures to hang on the wall, since the wall is an art piece itself!
  • Choose fun tiles to spread throughout your counter top and/or backsplash. Maybe they’re pictures of farm animals or fruit or animals. They’ll pop right out with the rest of the countertop/backsplash.
  • Use one accent tile to stand out on your countertop or backsplash. It could be a color, print, letter, or image.
  • Tile the sides of the kitchen island.
  • Put a border around a tile on a floor or wall so it looks like a rug or portrait.
  • Use a strip/block of tiles to make a statement in a room with bold/loud tiles.
  • Use textured tile to give the perception of depth and space to a room.

Design ideas for tiles can be endless. Work with us to create some stunning tilework in your home! Luxury Home Solutions is a custom home builder who builds and renovates homes in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and other Southwest Florida cities. To get started with our design team, click our Naples custom home builder page or call 239-728-2143.

Choosing Colors in the Home

Color is fun! Color can also be scary. How? For many, adding colors into their home is a big step. They don’t want to make their space too “loud” or “tacky” or even child or circus-like.  We’re here to tell you, don’t fear color! You just have to be smart and methodical with your color choices in your home. At the end of the day if you love the color scheme, that’s all that matters! Some people love bright, loud colorful décor while others prefer muted, natural colors everywhere. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer.

If you’re looking to add color into your home and are a bit unsure or hesitant on how to go about it, we wanted to offer some tips and advice that may help you choose colors whether you’re building a new home or renovating a room.

  • Use the 60-30-10 rule. When decorating a room, divide the colors into percentages: 60% of a dominant color, 30% of a secondary color, 10% of an accent color. You will notice most rooms in magazines or showrooms are designed this way. The 60 percent helps give off an overall theme/feel and unification, the 30% provides visual interest, and the 10% gives it an extra sparkle.
  • With the right context, any colors can work together, especially if you like them. Different shades and temperatures of color can work together more than you might expect them to.
  • If you’re looking for energy, bold colors accomplish this feeling. They also bring a warmth and richness to the room.
  • Pastel colors make a room feel soft and playful.
  • Neutral colors can make a room feel calm and soothing. They can also help “ground” bold and pastel colors in the room.
  • When you combine different colors, you can exude different feelings in one space.
  • If certain bold colors make you nervous, experiment by slowly mixing them in with more muted colors until the room feels the way you want it to.
  • Add accent colors to neutral rooms in less permanent ways (rugs, pillows, lamps, art) to see how you feel with the brighter colors. You can easily exchange or swap out these items.
  • Don’t be afraid of dark colors. Using a dark color doesn’t mean your space will look smaller. In fact, dark colors can give you a warm, dramatic look and feel. Just be mindful about the shade and how you plan to use it in the room. The more light in the room (natural light), the more you can play around with a darker color.
  • Pale/pastel colors can also liven up a room. Plenty of people are too hesitant to try bolder colors so these softer colors can still make a statement without being as loud.
  • There is no “right” or “wrong” with color. Color is about finding the right mix that feels good for you and reflects your tastes.
  • Take your time choosing and exploring color options, schemes, and pairings.

Thinking about renovating your home or building a new one? Luxury Home Solutions’ design team can help you decide on choosing colors throughout your home. Luxury Home Solutions is a custom home builder who builds and renovates homes in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and other Southwest Florida cities. To get started with our design team, click here or call 239-728-2143.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Unique Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Bathrooms are multi-functional rooms. They’re used for bathing, freshening up, relaxing, pampering, and grooming. There’s essential components to nearly every bathroom: a toilet, shower, and sink, but one component that isn’t often named immediately is quite important to the room: the mirror. The mirror not only bring functionality to the room, but it can change the look and bring a whole new design aesthetic to the room, as well.

Bathroom mirrors don’t need to be plain and ordinary. They can add a lot of fun to the room. For this article, we wanted to share with you some unique bathroom mirror ideas you may want to incorporate into a new home or a bathroom remodel.

  • A mirror in front of a window – Sounds strange, right? Mounting a mirror in front of a window frees up wall space in the room, especially if you have a smaller space to work with to build showers/baths. It also dresses up the window and gives you an excuse to look outdoors while getting ready.
  • Suspended mirrors – For an ultra-sleek and modern look, go for a suspended mirror. Suspended mirrors are also great for people who have minimal wall space and oddly shaped. The mirror will hang from a cable system.
  • Wraparound mirrors – If you have a small bathroom and want to give the illusion that it’s bigger than it is, opt for a wraparound mirror. Wraparound mirrors aren’t just mirrors they act as wall covering. You can get this mirror style custom cut to perfectly fit your space. They are great for bathrooms that don’t have windows. If you like a modern feel, this is a good option.
  • Pivoting mirrors – A pivoting mirror above your sink can allow you to see more of yourself without taking up space. Whether your short or tall, the mirror can adjust and move to your height. Pivoting mirrors usually are mounted away from the wall, so wallpaper or tile can be installed behind the mirror for an added design element. Pivoting mirrors are great for tight spaces.
  • Mirror on a mirror – A mirror mounted on top of another mirror is a creative way to dress up a wall and looks classy. A good example of this is having the wall behind the sink be entirely glass, then you’d mount a framed decorative mirror on top of the glass. All this glass will allow for more light in the room and make the room feel bigger. This is a very non-traditional look.
  • Multiple mirrors – Installing multiple mirrors can dress up your bathroom, especially if the mirrors are different shapes, sizes, and have different frames. These mirrors personalize the space without you having to install something more permanent (like the tub or tiles) to make an aesthetic design statement. If you’re going for an eclectic, fun look, try multiple mirrors to artistically display over the sinks!

Give your bathroom that luxurious “wow” factor with a creative mirror installation! Thinking about renovating your bathroom? Luxury Home Solutions is a custom home builder who builds and renovates homes in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and other Southwest Florida cities. To get started with our design team, click here or call 239-728-2143.

Preventing Mildew, Mold in the Home Post Natural Disaster

Hurricane Irma dealt a devastating blow to homeowners along Florida’s western coast last fall.  Property damage and losses are estimated to be as high as $65 billion across several states.

Flooding from storm surge and flash floods caused by heavy rains destroyed homes from the Keys to the Panhandle, creating optimal growing conditions for mildew and mold behind walls, under floors, and on water-soaked furnishings.

Left unchecked, airborne mold can threaten the health of your family  and end up costing tens of thousands of dollars to clean up. Below are a few tips for preventing mildew and mold in storm-damaged properties:

– Know what mildew and mold look like.

Before the cleanup begins, it’s important to recognize the difference between mildew and  mold.

Mildew is an easily recognizable fungus that appears in grey or white patches on moist surfaces – or on organic material that’s been damaged by floodwaters. It can be removed using common household cleaners and a scrub brush.

Mold, on the other hand, is often distinguished by its green or black color, and can appear fuzzy or even slimy. Mold spores can thrive in extreme conditions, and they’re harder to get rid of. Surfaces covered by mold usually show signs of rot.

– After floodwaters recede, everything below the waterline should be thrown away.

Once the flood damage has been assessed thoroughly and it’s safe to begin the cleanup, it’s critical to remove any building materials, furniture, and fixings that were underwater.

Inspect areas and objects above the waterline for discoloration, and check to see if they have a musty odor,  a sign of contamination.

Once all standing water has been mopped up or pumped away, remove all wet wallboard materials, insulation, finished flooring, and carpeting. Keep those materials piled as far away from the home as possible.

– Dry and clean all surfaces within 24 to 48 hours.

Vacuum up any loose debris, and create sufficient ventilation so that all moist areas inside the home can dry thoroughly. Use a dehumidifier to maintain dryness.

Wall studs and framing should be cleaned with a mild detergent, such as dish soap, and rinsed with a pressure washer. Other surfaces should be wiped with a bleach solution (up to ¼-cup of bleach mixed with one gallon of water) and re-wiped with clean water about a half-hour later.

– When in doubt, hire an expert.

Sometimes, mold will continue to grow despite your best efforts; hiring an expert will help ensure your home is safe for years to come. Be sure that the individual or company you hire is a state-licensed mold assessor.


Let Luxury Home Solutions take the lead on your next high-end home remodeling project in the Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Marco, and Sanibel Island areas. For a complete list of services, visit our website or call 239-728-2143.

Ideas to Revamp Your Guest Bathroom

The master bathroom, aka your own personal oasis, isn’t the only bathroom that should get all the attention. Your guest bathroom should be equally as inviting, calming, and beautiful. Your guest bathroom will be used often by friends and family, so why not show off your aesthetic tastes and brilliant design ideas in this room as well? A guest bathroom is more than just a sink and a toilet – there are so many elements for you to play with. Don’t let your guest bathroom be the forgotten about room!  With high foot traffic, this room should shine. A guest bathroom is a great place to experiment with different styles, colors, patterns, and ideas you may not have used in your own personal bathroom.

At Luxury Home Solutions, we’ve designed, remodeled, and built our share of bathrooms, so we wanted to share with you some designs ideas to create a one-a-kind guest bathroom in your home.

  • Experiment with bold colors and patterns on the sink cabinetry and the wall paper. However, don’t make the room too loud! It’ll be too chaotic and look more like a funhouse than a washroom. Balance the boldness with simple accessories.
  • If your guest bathroom is tiny, opt for a pedestal sink instead of a sink with a cabinet. This will create more floor space and give the appearance that the room is bigger than it is.
  • Use the walls for storage by installing open shelves. Not only does this create more space (on the floor) and storage, but you can add little decorations on the shelves to pull together the whole design/theme of the room.
  • If your guest bathroom is tiny, opt to put a window in (if you can) or go for a white theme. Natural light and bright colors, like white, will make the room look bigger and cleaner.
  • Display knickknacks on a vanity tray on the counter so they don’t take up too much room.
  • Install a pocket door or a barn door to save space in such a small room.
  • Install a large mirror or even a mirrored wall to make the room appear bigger than it is.
  • Paint the ceiling a bright color for a surprising, bold look. Aim to have this color compliment the wall paper or other accessories in the bathroom.
  • Install sconces on either side of the mirror/sink for ideal lighting in the bathroom.
  • Use a monochromatic color scheme to keep your bathroom from becoming overwhelming.
  • For a classic look, install subway tile.
  • Install a double sink into the guess bathroom, so couples who are staying can use the bathroom simultaneously.

Does your guest bathroom need a makeover? Or thinking about adding a new guest bathroom in your home? We can help! Luxury Home Solutions is a custom home builder who builds and renovates homes in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and other Southwest Florida cities. To get started with our design team, click here or call 239-728-2143.

How to Enhance a White Kitchen

When it comes to home design, fads come and go. When designing a home, a client takes a risk building in a “fad” element, because it may not stand the test of time, and it will look dated or the client may get bored of it. One home design element that has stood the test of time are white kitchens. White kitchens seem to be more popular some years than others, but they never go out of style. They have a clean, classic look, which homeowners can style and transform to reflect any aesthetic taste or feeling.

White kitchens come with a sense of cleanliness, purity and brightness. A white color reflects light and can make smaller kitchens appear bigger. White is basically a neutral color when used in the kitchen, because every accent color you choose will work great with white.

For this article, we wanted to share some design ideas with you on things you can add to your white kitchen to enhance the room. Remember, white kitchens don’t have to be white everything. You can have stainless steel appliances or wood surfaces. You want to make a good balance in the room so that even though there are other accents, the white still shines.

  • Use gray cabinets to balance out white walls, ceiling, and trims. If you use a warmer gray, it balances out with the white without being the star of the show.
  • Light-toned wood floors add just a little bit of warmth to all the white in the room.
  • Just like a floor, a wooden ceiling or wooden countertop will balance out a white kitchen.
  • If you like darker colors, use them as accents in the room like for stools, door handles, or an oven hood.
  • Darker colored wall sconces add a nice pop to white walls.
  • Quartz, onyx, marble, and granite countertops and backsplashes add a little pop of color and interest to the white room without being too dramatic.
  • Pick a colored hanging light over an island to bring contrast to the white walls and cabinets surrounding it.
  • Use different shades of white in the room. This will create some depth, so the room doesn’t look so flat.
  • Use materials with texture to add depth to a white kitchen.
  • Fabric on the windows or floor can bring softness to a white kitchen.

Thinking about renovating your kitchen? Luxury Home Solutions is a custom home builder who builds and renovates homes in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and other Southwest Florida cities. To get started with our design team, click here or call 239-728-2143.

Things to Think About Before Renovating a Bathroom

Thinking about a new bathroom? Ready to make your dream bathroom a reality? Our team at Luxury Home Solutions work with our clients from concept to installation to design and layout a bathroom that reflects their wants, needs, budget, and space. Our goal is to create a bathroom that is specifically tailored to the client. Our in-house designers and projects managers are experienced and trained to maintain aesthetics while incorporating aging-in-place design elements to prepare for the future.

For this article, we wanted to share with you some things you should know and keep in mind before beginning a bathroom remodeling job.

  • Renovations aren’t quick jobs. Sure, you’re not building a whole house, but there is a lot of work and time put into this job, so your bathroom will look flawless. At a minimum, a bathroom renovation will take four weeks, so be prepared for this room to be out-of-commission for a while. The more complicated a project, the longer it will take. Also, mistakes happen. The wrong sink could be ordered, or something wasn’t measured correctly, so the project will be a bit delayed.
  • If you don’t have another bathroom, purchase a portable toilet and/or shower from a reputable company or even a contractor. Or, you can temporary rent another home/apartment until the bathroom is finished.
  • Simplicity isn’t always simple. Many minimalist, clean, sleek ideas (no seams, no grout lines, no handles) end up being the more complicated projects to complete because the details during the building process need to be meticulously planned. Often, these “simple” ideas end up being the most expensive design options.
  • Don’t try to do complicated renovations in the bathroom that you’ve never done before on your own. For example, tiling may look easy, but it is not. Being able to get the tile and grout lines straight, along with even grouting is a skill. Contractors plan the tile work in advance to know how many pieces will be needed, what sizes, and how they should be cut. Contractors also know how to tile floors, walls, and counters that are oddly shaped or uneven, and still have them look perfect.
  • To save money, add decorative elements throughout the room that balance out more simple design ideas. Fancy tile work, cabinetry, and showers can be pricey. If you opt for more basic (more affordable) options, then you can buy a big fancy chandelier or gorgeous handles to make the bathroom still look dramatic and aesthetically different and pleasing.
  • Stick to fewer patterns, designs or color choices. When you start choosing many different styles, there’s a good chance they may not look as good together as you would hope. You can always add more later (if needed).

Thinking about renovating a bathroom in your home? Luxury Home Solutions is a custom home builder who builds and renovates homes in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and other Southwest Florida cities. To get started with our design team, click here or call 239-728-2143.

Design is in the Details

No detail is too small. In fact, home construction, design, and décor are all about the details. Details are what gives a home its feel and soul. Details are part of what makes a home, “home.” From ceilings to the floors, no detail should be overlooked!

If you’re thinking of building or renovating your home, there are a lot of choices and decisions to make from the sizes of room and types of windows to the layout concept to the flooring. However, you will also have the opportunity to put your own flair into the home. Whether its choosing the lighting fixtures or adding built-in features, these small details truly will make your home stand out and be uniquely yours. The details are what make your guests say, “wow!”

At Luxury Home Solutions, we take pride in listening to our clients’ wants, and we specialize in home customization, so details are our thing! Details can truly make an impact on a room. For this article, we wanted to share with you a few ideas for your home that really express beauty being in the details.

  • Moldings/artwork on the fireplace.
  • Opt for decorative vent plates and switch plate covers.
  • Add crown moldings throughout the home.
  • In an open concept home, install decorative columns in the room; these columns can make the room look taller. They can either be purely decorative or load-bearing.
  • Build shelves into the walls in different rooms. This not only gives you storage space, but it adds character to the room.
  • Instead of square/rectangular doorways and entrances, choose round archways.
  • Install stained glass into cabinets or windows as an accent throughout the home.
  • Build in window seats or breakfast nooks.
  • Paint doors with a high gloss finish for a dramatic effect.
  • Use something unique as ceiling décor (build it into the ceiling) like a canoe.
  • Choose a thick rope for a railing on a staircase instead of a rail for a truly unique look.
  • Extend wallpaper onto the ceiling.
  • To add visual interest, install a striped wooden floor.

Ideas for details are endless. Since details are so personal, you probably have a completely different list of ideas in your head of details you want to add to your home to make your space truly unique. Custom is the way to go to bring your home to the next level!

If you’re looking to build a home full of personalized details or renovate your current home, let our team at Luxury Home Solutions help you make it happen. Luxury Home Solutions is a custom home builder building homes in Naples, Fort Myers, Marco Island, and other SWFL cities.  Click here to view some of our home designs for more ideas. Give us a call at 239-728-2143 to get started today.

Home Décor Ideas for the Holiday Season

It’s the holidays! No matter what holiday you celebrate this season, the holidays are a festive time. Besides the wonderful food and precious family time, this is the season where people go all out to decorate their homes to fill each room (inside and out) with the spirit of the season.

Just like picking out doorknobs or lighting fixtures, a person’s holiday decorations are a form of self-expression – your interpretation of the holidays. Not only do you choose decorations that reflect your tastes, but you also have to choose décor that works with your home. For example, you can’t buy a 20-foot holiday tree if you have low ceilings.

With the seemingly endless stores and magazines selling holiday décor, your options to decorate are vast. For this article, we wanted to share some beautiful ideas on how to make your home festive this year.

  • Use a combo of baby cypress trees and glass/porcelain trees on the dining room table for a different kind of centerpiece.
  • Fill bowls around the home with ornament balls.
  • Wrap garland around all bannisters, railings, and mirrors. Wrap a giant and ornate garland around the fireplace.
  • Hang glass snowflakes in the windows.
  • Used wrapped gifts (just use boxes, not real gifts) as decorations around the holiday tree or other places in the home.
  • Put a holiday tree in an outdoor space, porch, or lanai.
  • Place wreaths on doors and over fireplaces.
  • Spread ornaments, greens, berries, pinecones and other small holiday trinkets across shelves.
  • Use red roses and red fabric as design elements throughout all your decorations to add a pop and dramatic feel to the holiday decorations.
  • Hang bells from red ribbon from the fireplace.
  • Adorn the house with red, pink, and white poinsettias.
  • Place standing window baskets with evergreens, red berries, pinecones, ornaments and more on the porch, lanai, or outdoor living space.
  • Burn wintery-scented candles around the home. Also, you can use candles of different colors, widths, and heights, to use merely for décor and not lighting.
  • Display a candelabra prominently on a sill. You don’t want it hidden away or cluttered with too many other things.

These are just a few holiday decoration ideas. Let your imagination go wild. Remember, decorate to accentuate. And sometimes, simple is better.

Looking for a custom home builder? Or, a contractor to do a remodel of a room or rooms inside your home? Luxury Home Solutions is a custom home builder who builds and renovates homes in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and other Southwest Florida cities. To get started with our design team, click here or call 239-728-2143.

Got a Spare? Ideas for that Extra Room in Your Home

A spare room or bedroom in your home is a gateway to possibilities. Whether you plan to use this room as a guest room or a home gym, there’s a lot of design and architectural elements and ideas you can play with to truly have fun with this room. Unlike other rooms in the home (kitchen, bathroom), a spare room doesn’t have a “set” purpose, which means this room can become anything you want it to be. The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination go wild!

If you’re building a new home, plan for a spare room or rooms. Why?  Well, your family might grow, or you realize you entertain a lot, or you have a lot of overnight guests, or you need more space for work or a hobby. If you aren’t building a new home, maybe your children have moved out and now you want to renovate a room, whether it’s to be a spare bedroom or a fun specialty room.

At Luxury Home Solutions, we specialize in creating specialty rooms. If you need a place to relax, have fun, or enjoy a hobby, we’ve got you covered! From man caves to wine cellars, we will learn all about your special preferences to deliver you a unique specialty room that will become your (or your guests’) new favorite place to spend time in the house.

Below, we just wanted to share with you a few ideas for spare rooms in your home.

  • A room-sized closet for all your clothing, shoe, and accessories needs.
  • A kids-only play room that features chalk-board walls, so you don’t have to worry!
  • A reading room equipped with built-in bookshelves and a reading nook built into a window.
  • An art studio with built in cabinets and tables to store all your art supplies.
  • A private bar. With a bar in its own room, you can either retreat away in here to gather with some friends or make your drinks in here and carry them out to serve guests in the living or dining areas.
  • A music room. If you’re a musician (or if there is more than one in the house), instruments and equipment pile up and can take up space. So, this room is dedicated to housing all these parts, and it gives you a space to play.
  • Make it a spare bedroom for guests. Decorate it however you want. Pick a theme and have fun with it!
  • A home theater equipped with reclining, comfy chairs and a big TV (or projector).
  • A pet room. If you have plenty of pets, why not dedicate a room to them, so their belongings aren’t all over the house? This will be a good spot for your pets, as well, in case you have guests with pet allergies.

Looking to create or update a spare room? Let us help you! Luxury Home Solutions is a custom home builder who builds and remodels homes in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, and other Southwest Florida cities. To see some of the specialty rooms that we’ve created, click here. To get started with us today, call 239-728-2143.